Borocrop is the micronutrient product based on disodium octaborate tetrahydrate containing Boron 20% % used to overcome boron deficiency.

Importance of Boron in Plant Growth

Boron is one of the most important essential micronutrients. Boron has the following functions and effects on plants:

  • Boron plays an important role in the pollination process of plants; reproductive organs are particularly rich in boron.
  • Boron has an effect on the metabolism of plants, i.e. energy processes of phsophorylation and dephsophorylation.
  • Boron is closely related to the activity of meristems, i.e. a plant tissue actively dividing cells forming new tissue.

Deficiency symptoms of boron are:-

1. The branches and new growth are distorted, thick, and brittle;
2. The upper foliage can exhibit a mottled chlorosis (i.e. scattered yellowing of leaves).
3. Roots are are often short and stubby.

Benefits of Borocrop

  • Borocrop increases nitrogen availability to the plant.
  • Borocrop  is involved in the synthesis of cell wall components.
  • Borocrop has a central role in pollen viability and good seed set.
  • Borocrop influences cell development and elongation of cells.
  • Borocrop increases the elongation growth of primary and lateral roots.
  • Boron is important for fruit set. It will often set more fruit with a pre-bloom boron foliar application.
  • Borocrop is involved in the nodulation of legumes.
  • Borocrop increases yield of crop.


Foliar application-Use 0.5gm- 1 gm per lit. of water

For Drip- Use 1-3 kg per acre.

Recommended Crops-

vegetables, cereals, pulses, horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, spices, medicinal plants, cotton, sugarcane, etc.

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