Downyphos -45 is a made from Phosphorous acid & Potassium salt. It is used to control Fungal disease .Downyphos -45 used to increase plant resistant against diseases.

Active ingredients: Phosphorous (P as P2O5 )-30%,Potassium ( K as K2O )-15%

Mode of action

Downyphos -45 is a systemic fungicide. On folliar application of Downyphos -45 active ingredients are quickly absorbed by stomatas and spread through xylem and phloem & reaches to whole plant .It enhances natural alexins in plants. which results in increasing the resistant of plant against fungal diseases.Alexins rapidly accumulates at areas of pathogen infection and controls the diseases in different ways. It enteres through cell wall of fungus and inhibits metabolism.


  1. Downyphos-45 is used to control downy mildew. As well as blight on Tomato, Capsicum, Chilly & Pomegranate.
  2. Potassium accelerates the enzymatic processes in plants.
  3. It also helps to increases the rate of Photosynthesis .
  4. It help to increases nutrient uptake capacity from soil.
  5. Downyphos-45 help to recover phosphorous and potassium deficiency.
  6. New sprout will become a healthy and help to increase growth of plants.
  7. Increase crop yield.


  • Fruits :Grapes , Papaya ,Pomegranate etc.
  • Vegetables : Tomato , Onion , Cabbage, Chilly , Capsicum etc.
  • Cucurbits : Pumkin, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Cucumber, Bitterguard , Ridgeguard etc.


Spray -1 ml Downyphos -45 in one litre of water


250 ml , 500 ml , 1 litre , 5 litre , 10 litre. etc

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