FunginodTM– LX

Funginod Lx is a natural fungicide and nematicide made from different types of natural oils and extracts. It used to control soil borne fungal diseases and nematode attack on crops.

Active ingredients

Cinnamomum zeylanicum extract, Syzigium aromaticum extract,
Citrus sinensis extract, Tagatus erecta extract, Sesame oil.


Mix 1 ml per litre of water for spray and  2 litre per hectare for Drip.

Mode of action

Fungus contains ergosterol which is responsible for production of toxic substances and enzymes.The unique fungicidal properties of extracts used in Funginod-LX minimise ergosterol activity of fungus.
Thus the fungus stop production of toxic substances and enzymes.Therefore spore germination and spreadation of fungus is prevented.

Funginod  LX is effectively control nematodes, on soil application the active ingredients immediately act on nematodes decreases its apetite, reproduction rate and egg laying capacity. It also decreases its immune system and this impact will result decreases in growth and development of nematodes.


Funginod –LX is used to control soil borne fungal diseases such as Sclerotium wilt, Verticillium wilt, Fusarium root rot, black scurf and  canker, Pythium soft rot, wilt, Colletotrichum red rot, black rot, Macrophomina charcoal rot, Rhizoctonia black scurf and canker, Botrytis damping off and gray mold, Phytopthora crown rot, root rot and pink rot etc.
Funginod LX is used  to control Anthracnose leaf spot and fruit spot as well as it is used to control nematodes like root knot, root lesion,golden cyst , stuby root,dagger, lance, reniform etc.

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