GROWTHSTIM is a biostimulent based on essential amino acid L-Cysteine, to be used as a plant supplement to improve the biochemical and physiological function of the plant cells so as to improve the plant health and results in overall improvement in yields.

Active Ingredients Timonacic (Amino acid derivative)
Folic Acid
Appearance and Storage: Orange red coloured water soluble formulation
Easily sprayable. Sealed undamaged.
Toxicity data: Acute oral LD 50 for albino rat is> 10000mg/ kg b.w.
Acute Dermal LD 50 for rabbit is >2000 mg/ kg b.w.
Non hazardous, Non-poisonous,
Non-Irritant, Non flammable, Non- combustible.

Mode of action –

On foliar application, the active ingredient 4 -Thiozolidine Carboxylic Acid is quickly absorbed by the plant and converted into thoproline to form cysteine and finally into L-Cysteine which is a common biostimulant for improving the biochemical and physiological efficacy of the plants.


  • Improve production of Aspartic and Glutamic acid resulting into better utilization of nitrogen by the plant cells.
  • Increases Valin and Glumatic in plant cells, thus improving the sustainability even under stress conditions.
  • Improves the rate of growth thereby improving the harvest period and also enables early harvest.
  • Improves overall health of plant thereby improving flowering, reduced fruit and flower drop and better and higher quantity and quality yields.
  • Since the active ingredient is a derivative of essential amino ( L-Cysteine) present in nature the product is 100% safe for use and without any harmful residues.

 Recommended Crops

Vegetables, Cotton, Cardamom, Coffee, Black Pepper.

 Dosage for Foliar Application

1 ml. in 4 liter of water.

Application chart:

Crops 1st Spray Interval between
1st & 2nd Spray 2nd & 3rd Spray
Cauliflower, Cabbage, 3 weeks after sowing 2 weeks 2 weeks
Chilies, Tomato, Brinjal Just before flowering 2 weeks 2 weeks
Lady’s finger, Cucumber 3 weeks after transplanting 2 weeks 2 weeks
Peas, Beans, Pumpkin
Onion, Potato 4 weeks after transplanting 2 weeks ——–
Lettuce, Amaranths etc. 2 weeks after germination 2 weeks ——–
Banana, Melon Just before flowering 2 weeks ——–
Mango, Avocado&  Citrus fruits Just before flowering 2 weeks 2 weeks
Grapes At appearance of 2/3 leaves 3 weeks 3 weeks
After pruning
Strawberry when suckers are established 2 weeks 2 weeks
Cotton Just before flowering 4 weeks 4 weeks
Jute 3 weeks after germination 3 weeks 3 weeks
Ground nut 4 weeks after sowing 2 weeks ——–
Soybean 2 weeks after sowing 2 weeks ——–
Tea At bud bursting stage 10 days 10 days
Coffee Just before blossom 3 week 6 week
Rice, Millet 3 weeks after ransplanting/ 2 weeks 2 weeks
Wheat, Maize
3 weeks after sowing 3 weeks 3 weeks

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