Magnifert is the micronutrient product chelated with EDTA containing Magnesium 6% used to overcome the deficiency of the magnesium.

Importance of Magnesium in Plant Growth

Magnesium is an indispensable mineral for plant growth; it plays a major role in the production of chlorophyll, on which photosynthesis depends. Without a ready source of magnesium the plant cannot grow. Magnesium plays a part in many processes like-

  • Chlorophyll formation
  • Synthesis of amino acids and cell proteins
  • Uptake and migration of phosphorus in plants
  • Resistance to unfavourable factors (drought, disease)

Deficiency symptoms of Magnesium are:-

1. Veins remain green with the leaf paling and in advanced stages, turning yellow then brown and necrotic.
2. In some species, they become reddish purple before turning brown. Later, whole plants of small cereals turn yellow.
3. In citrus trees, the base of the leaf sometimes remains green with chlorotic lamina.
4. In potato, the affected leaves become brittle.
5. In tea, chlorotic spots appear and grow larger up to the tip while the base of the leaf is green. This gives the leaves an inverted ‘V’ appearance.

Benefits of Magnifert

MAGNIFERT effectively meets the magnesium requirements of plants. The wetting and dispersing agents ensure maximum absorption without adverse reactions.

MAGNIFERT stimulates and regulates enzyme reactions for growth and development of crops. It increases the chlorophyll content for green healthy leaves.

MAGNIFERT prevents chlorosis and spiralling of leaves. It increases productive tillers in wheat and paddy and the oil content of several crops.

MAGNIFERT induces resistance to pests and diseases. It boosts growth rate, dry matter accumulation and increases yield.


Foliar application-Use 0.5gm- 1 gm per lit. of water depending upon severity of deficiency.

For Drip- Use 1-5 kg per acre.

Recommended Crops-

vegetables, cereals, pulses, horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, Spices, medicinal plants, cotton, sugarcane, etc.

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