Maquera is prepared from widely used plant growth regulator cholormequate chloride. Chlormequatchloride is a unique growth regulator which shows large range of activity and attribute number of favourable characters which are desired for maximising the cotton production


Active Ingredients:

Chloromequat cloride 50% SL

Appearance and storage:-

Homogeneous pale liquid free from sediments. Easily sprayable, sealed, undamaged.
It has Shelf life of 2 years.
Store in cool and dry place away from sunlight.

Mode of action

Maquera is gibrellin biosynthesis inhibitor it can be absorbed by leaves. branches, buds, the root system & seeds. control the plant excessive growth & cut down the knot of the plant to be short, strong, coarse, & root system to prosper & resist loging. leaves will be greener & thicker the contents as chlorophyll will increase & photosynthesis will reinforce, which can improve the ratio as set fruit with better quality and high yield.


  1. Maquera can work without any interference in natural and physiological process of plants
  2. After application it stop flower & fruit drop & there by increases yield
  3. It is very cheap and cost effective product


1 ml maquera per lit of water for spray

Recommended crops:

Chili, brinjal tomato, cucurbits, grapes, pomegranate etc.

Application chart:

Crops First Spray Second Spray Third Spray
Grapes After April pruning when plants are 5-7 leaves stage 10-12 days after first spray, when plants are 10-12 leaves stage At the time of fruit setting
Pomegranate At the time of new sprouting. ————- ————-
Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli At the time of Blossom ————- ————-
Cucurbits When plants are 7-12 leaves stage At teh time of blossom ————-
Cotton 60 days after sowing After boll information ————-

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