Nematosan Lx is unique natural blend used to control wide variety of plant pathogenic Nematodes like Root knot nematode, Gall nematode, Cyst nematode etc. It controls nematode by different ways like repellent action,reducing appetite, act as ovicidal and disrupts the reproductive system of nematodes.

Active Ingredient:-

Tagetes Minuta Extract, Sesame oil.

How does Nematosan Lx Work

The active ingredient alpha terthienyl present in tagetes minuta extract has an ovicidal effect on nematodes, it prevents the hatching of eggs. The palmitic acid present in Sesame oil act as Nematode repellent. Capsaicin from chilli oil cause irritation to nematodes skin hence nematodes repels from feeding by application of Nematosan Lx near root zone. Nematosan Lx controls nematodes by this way and enhances healthy rooting in the plant.

Benefits of using Nematosan Lx:-

  1. Nematosan Lx is eco friendly and 100% organic nematicide.
  2. Nematosan Lx reduces and controls the nematodes in the soil effectively.
  3. Nematosan Lx can be used right up to harvesting as no residues are found on agri produce.
  4. Nematosan Lx is a sustainable choice for organic farming.
  5. Nematosan Lx compatible with pesticides and fertilizers.

Recommended for:

  1. Cyst Nematode
  2. Root gall Nematode
  3. Dagger Nematode
  4. Reniform Nematode
  5. Golden Cyst Nematode
  6. Stubby Root Nematode
  7. Root knot Nematode
  8. Lesion Nematode

Found on Turmeric, Garlic, Ginger, Tomato, Cucumber, Ladyfinger, Chilli, watermelon, Pomegranate, Grapes, Citrus, Tea, Coffee  and all type of  vegetables,cereal & horticultural crops.

Dosage- For Drenching – Use1-2 ml Nematosan Lx in 1 lit. of water
For Drip – Use 1-2 lit. of Nematosan Lx per Hectare

Available  packing

Nematosan Lx is available in  250 ml, 500 ml, 1 Litre, 5 Litre, 10 Litre packing.

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