VRUDDHI is a unique aqueous formulation of naturally occurring plant growth promoter Triacontanol and its homologues. This substance is considered by many agricultural scientists world over as a ‘Natures Miracle’. Since Triacontanol is known for eliciting many responses with rapidity Not shown by any other plant growth product, the uniqueness of VRUDDHI lies in intelligent & scientific way of formulating the active ingredient Triacontanol in colloidal suspension of very fine particles which can be absorbed by the plant through stomata very quickly without any interference of the carrier material.

Composition: Triacontanol- 0.1%
Appearance &  Storage Hazardous
Milky very light brown Non Hazardous, Non inflammable
Non Poisonous, Non- irritant

Toxicity Data

Acute oral LD 50 for rat >10000mg/kg b.w.
Acute oral LD 50 for mice > 10000 mg/ kg
Acute dermal rabbit > 2000 mg/kg.

Spray ability and storage

Easily sprayable, Sealed undamaged
Bottle has a shelf life of 2 years.
Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight.

Mode of action

On application, the active ingredients are quickly absorbed by the plants resulting in improved photosynthesis, increased production of plant hormones and enzymes resulting in improved dry weight accumulation, nutrient content & also retains original taste, aroma and flavor of the agro produce resulting in higher & better quality yields with cost / benefit ratios varying between 1:5 to 1:10.


  • More branching, tillering.
  • Enhances more bud density of Tea.
  • Increases new sprouts to grow.
  • Enlarge leaf area.
  • Breaks bud dormancy.
  • Increases bud vigor- No residual effect.

When to use VRUDDHI

Tea:                  First spray at bud bursting stage subsequent sprays after every 21 days during the low cropping season & after every 10 to 15 days during high cropping months.

Coffee:            15 days after blossom & subsequent 2 sprays at 3 weeks interval.

Cardamom:     First spray at the time of blossom & second spray after two weeks of first spray.

Vegetables:     First spray 3 weeks after transplant & subsequent 2 sprays at 2 weeks interval.

Fruits:               First spray just before flowering & 2 sprays at 2-3 weeks interval.


For Tea & Coffee& Cardamom:       Mix 1 ml. Vruddhi in 2 lit of water stirr well and apply foliar spray to the point of runoff on leaves.

For Other Crops:                               Mix 1 ml. In 1 lit. of water stirr well and apply foliar spray to the point of runoff on leaves flowers, fruits.