Zincfert is the micronutrient product chelated with EDTA containing zinc 12% used to overcome the deficiency of the zinc.

Importance of Zinc in Plant Growth

The Zinc is one of the essential micronutrients require for optimum crop growth and deficiency of Zinc, cause varies adverse effect on growth and yield of crops. The Zinc deficiency is becoming more critical for loss in yield

Deficiency symptoms of zinc are;

1. Dusty brown spots on upper leaves of stunted plants
2. Uneven plant growth and patches of poorly established plants in the field
3. Decreased tillering, spike or spikelet sterility and interveinal chlorosis on leaves
4. Dicots show drastic decrease in leaf size, loss of luster and shoots die off.
5. Premature leaf fall.

Benefits of Zincfert

  • Zincfert is involved in formation of Chlorophyll and carbohydrate.
  • Promote growth hormones (auxin) and starch formation.
  • Zincfert plays very important role for grain formation and nutrition.
  • Help in biosynthesis of cytochrome: a pigment and maintain plasma membrane integrity and synthesis of leaf cuticle.
  • Zincfert increases yield of crop.


Foliar application-Use 0.5gm- 1 gm per lit. of water depending upon severity of deficiency.

For Drip- Use 1-2 kg per acre.

Recommended Crops-

Vegetables, cereals, pulses, horticultural crops, Floricultural crops, spices, medicinal plants, cotton, sugarcane, etc.

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