Research in manufacturing industry today is about innovation and providing break through solution to consumer demand as the consumers are increasingly concerned about the, their health, food safety, environment, and access to clean water. In providing Research & Development support, the world needs effective, sustainable solutions that are safe for people and protect our natural resources. In case of Krushitek, we understand these challenges and our competitive, know-how based, integrated approach towards research has consolidated our position globally as bio-based solution provider. We strive to transform our knowledge and experience in organic agricultural inputs to innovate and formulate newer and cost-effective products for agricultural applications.

Our R&D is today an industry-leading platform for developing, and commercializing naturally derived solutions for soil management, plant nutrition, plant protection, micronutrients, and fertilizers. We do not just innovate and ideate but also shape and formulate on agriculture inputs and perform their scientific field trials to take them to the commercial level. R&D center is here to help farmers around the globe to organically protect and improve plant health, increase crop yields while reducing environmental pesticide load and decreasing chemical residues.

The R&D center works as per ISO 9001:2015 as well as follows Good Laboratory Practices. The facility at R&D includes Microbiology section, HPLC & GC, method development & EO’s standardization, Spectroscopic analysis etc. R&D works very closely in every stage of development and supports innovation in process and product application development.